Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Starscape 2010

 Around the middle of June 2008 I heard about an electronic music festival in baltimore called Starscape. It was a week after when I found out in '08 and I couldn't make it to '09 but in 2010 I was finally able to go.

 The drive there was a bit hectic, mostly because we didn't know where we were going, but around 3:00pm we made it to the park. It was a bit of a walk to get in, but on the way there were people tailgating and blasting music from their cars so the walk wasn't at all boring.
  On the way to the beach stage we passed and oxygen bar and we decided to try it. What they would do it bubble oxygen through some scented liquid and it was supposed to make you more alert and feel invigorated, it worked.
 After the oxygen bar we spent some more time exploring. We heard about some paths that led through a wooded area so we decided to check them out. The park had been described as an industrial wasteland, but I think it just added to the atmosphere. There was a hole in a wall that was a lot deeper than the picture shows. We kept moving.
 We ended up on a path through a wooded area(DRUGS EVERYWHERE) and apparently someone with a silly hat was selling drugs because several people asked my friend if he had rolls, molly, weed etc. Once we reached the end of the path we found ourselves near the dance tent.
 After about 45 minutes of dancing we started to get hungry so we went to get some food and do some more exploring. We found a pier that had a nice view of the drum and bass arena, dance tent and main stage.

 Around 9:00 we went our seperate ways, I went to the dance tent. I was there for about an hour and then I went back to the drum and bass arena where I ran into one of my friends.

 I was feeling kind of tired so I went up to the VIP area to rest. I met a guy named Jesse who was there with his girlfriend. We talked about upcoming festivals, music, philosophy and politics. He told me that the Disco Biscuits were going to be playing at 1:30am and that they were definitely worth seeing. It was around midnight by the time I got to the main stage and Pretty Lights was still playing, along with an amazing lightshow.
 At 2:00am I was starting to doze off so I went back to the VIP area and crashed on one of the couches. I woke up around 2:50 and I watched some guy sit down and eat an orange. I talked to him for a while and then got an orange for myself. It was probably the best orange I have ever tasted in my entire life. I went back down to the drum and bass arena to dance for a bit and after about an hour and realized I was still tired so I went back to the VIP area to sleep. I was woken up by someone around 4:30 and I remember them telling me that they were making sure I was alive. So I got back to the drum and bass arena in time to see Dieselboy and Sub Focus, two of my favorite drum and bass artists.
 Around 5:20 I went back to the pier we had found earlier to watch the sunrise while some smooth dnb was playing in the background.
 At 5:45 we started to make out way out of the park, there was a large stream of people and a line of cars that were moving at about the same pace. Some of the cars were playing music and people were gathering around them to dance.  When we finally made it to the end of the road it was 7:00 am, There was a diner on the corner that was closed so we waited in the parking lot for our ride. Starscape 2010 was my first electronic music festival. From there I heard about Camp Bisco, AllGood and Electric Zoo. Surprisingly I had all this fun without any drugs, Can't say the same about Bisco and Electric Zoo...


  1. You should go back and scope out the woods and park it looks interesting

  2. i definetely have to go to a festival once i get to the us!

  3. You put a buncha effort in this bro haha. I hope you go out again soon I can't wait for the next post.